Balancing Mind and Body Since 1989

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy at Home or Work


Since 1989 I have enjoyed performing bodywork from my home; twenty years of exploring how my clients move and how we together can relieve the effects of every day stress, postural habits, repetitive use, and emotional patterning.

Bodywork and yoga are natural companions. Upon first being introduced to Thai Yoga Massage I was captivated. Once you experience the work, you too will find the combination of stretching and compression fascinating.

The physiological and psychological benefits of massage have been documented over the years.

Thai Yoga Massage and Qigong Healing

thai back bend


Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient system of healing with roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice. The clothed client experiences an organic combination of compression and yogic stretching.
Similar to other Eastern healing modalities, Thai Yoga Massage works along lines called Sip Sen, or Sen lines. As lines are opened, energy flows more freely. These invisible lines are similar to the Meridians used in acupuncture and Shiatzu.

Complimenting the Thai approach is the Chinese healing art of Qigong (Chi Kung). With roots in Taoist practices, Qigong connects the body with nature; organs with elements; the Yang and Yin.